Community Involvement

2011 Donations

The BIPHA Donates back to the Community!

The inaugural 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Championship in January 2011 was an incredible success with 50 teams and a long list of sponsors.  This success allowed the Black Ice to make a significant donation back to the community.

During the October board meeting the 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Association presented two checks from the funds raised from the inaugural tournament.  The mission of the Black Ice is to maintain and expand ice skating opportunities in the greater Concord area.  This year’s benefactors were the City of Concord Parks and Recreation Department, as well as Concord Youth Hockey.

The City of Concord received a check for $10,000.  These funds are directed to complete and restore an area for skating at Rollins Park, as well as start a fund to build a new multi-use skate house at White Park.

Concord Youth Hockey received a check for $8,000.  These funds are going to a discounted equipment program for beginners, cross ice dividers for the younger programs as well as promoting community skate days at Everett Arena and the City Parks this winter.

Thanks again for making the Black Ice a great success!

2012 Donations

The City of Concord, Parks & Recreation Department received a check for $14,000,  $3,500 earmarked for a liner for the hockey rink at White Park and $10,500 for the skate house fund.  Concord Youth Hockey received a check for $4,000 for the promotion and awareness of the Concord Youth Hockey Association.


2013 New Multi-Purpose Facility

In the fall of 2009, the 1883 Black Ice Pond Hockey Association was created to develop and run a pond hockey tournament in White Park, Concord, NH.  The non-profit entity has a mission to help maintain and expand ice skating opportunities throughout the City of Concord.  Concord, like many northern cities, had ponds and sheets of ice maintained in many city parks for the public to use.  But over the years budgets were trimmed and those skating opportunities went away. 

Over the past two tournaments the Black Ice has given the City of Concord Parks & Recreation department $25,000 that has been used towards rehabbing an area at Rollins Park and the addition of lights for skating, the coordination of the dredging of White Park Pond and the purchase a liner for the hockey rink at White Park for a more consistent ice surface.  

The funds that have not been used are being earmarked for the construction of a new multi-purpose facility.  The proposed facility is in the city master plan and will replace the old skate house.  It will also provide the park with a facility that can be used year-round for events and recreation.  HL Turner Company in Concord has donated their services to design and engineer the proposed building.  Last week the Concord City Council gave the preliminary approval of the building design. We are excited to show the plans to the public during this year’s Black Ice Tournament.  We hope that this promotes an opportunity to discuss the impact this facility will make on the park and the community.  In the upcoming months the Black Ice Association will be working closely with the Parks and Recreation Department and the Concord community to raise the funds needed to have this building erected.   


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